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शुक्रवार, 18 जुलाई 2014

BRICS Summit 2014: Top 5 things that Indian PM Narendra Modi said in his first multilateral meet!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended his first multi-lateral meet in the form of sixth BRICS Summit held in Brazil. Narendra Modi in his two-day meet, met the International leaders President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of China Xi Jinping and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. World leaders who met at the BRICS Summit were seen lavishly heaping praise on Indian Prime Minister’s persona. The highlight of the sixth BRICS Summit was the formation of the new BRICS Developmental Bank; the headquarters of the same will be stationed in China, while India will be its first President. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi impressed his counterparts with his flair and oratory skills. We bring to you a recap of few important issues that were addressed by Narendra Modi at BRICS Summit 2014, held in Brazil.

BRICS Summit 2014: 

Top 5 things that Indian

 PM Narendra Modi 

said in his first multilateral meet!

1. On newly set-up BRICS Developmental Bank

Calling it a noteworthy step, Narendra Modi said, “A flexible international trading system is very important for the economic growth, economically. Many MoUs have already been signed amid BRICS countries that’ll enable efficient trade activities and promote intra- BRICS development.”

2. On his government policies
Narendra Modi while commenting on the present political scenario globally said, “The priority for my government will to invest drastically in healthcare and afforadable households, infrastructure, education and cleaner energy.” Modi also stressed on the sustainable use of energy resources.

3. On the current political scenario
The current situation in political arena is grim around the world. While Brazil faced financial crisis, Iraq faced the ISIS crisis and now the Israel-Palestine affair has got the economy in haywire. Narendra Modi said, “The political arguments have risen considerably in the last few months. If the monetary benefits are tightened in few countries, the BRICS countries will do well.”

4. On stronger relations and even more engagement
In order to establish stronger and deeper relations with the BRICS countries PM Narendra Modi stressed on more intra-trade among the BRICS alliance. Modi said, “We (BRICS) should not only limit out intra-trade activities nationally, but see to it that the engagement between states, cities and local bodies is increased.”

5. On Russia’s support
“Ask any child in India; who is India’s best friend? Every child will reply Russia,” said Narendra Modi after leasing a new life in the Indo-Russian relationships. Modi said, “Friendship with Russia is a time-tested friendship. I look forward to work with Putin to further strengthen our ties in every sector, be it defence, technology or trade and investment.”


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