आप सबके लिए “आपका ब्लॉग” तैयार है। यहाँ आप अपनी किसी भी विधा की कृति (जैसे- अकविता, संस्मरण, मुक्तक, छन्दबद्धरचना, गीत, ग़ज़ल, शालीनचित्र, यात्रासंस्मरण आदि प्रकाशित कर सकते हैं।

बस आपको मुझे मेरे ई-मेल roopchandrashastri@gmail.com पर एक मेल करना होगा। मैं आपको “आपका ब्लॉग” पर लेखक के रूप में आमन्त्रित कर दूँगा। आप मेल स्वीकार कीजिए और अपनी अकविता, संस्मरण, मुक्तक, छन्दबद्धरचना, गीत, ग़ज़ल, शालीनचित्र, यात्रासंस्मरण आदि प्रकाशित कीजिए।


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What can we do ?(Exposing myths about steroids III)

There are some key steps you can take to identify a potential problem and prevent your kids from using APEDs.

Educate :Talk to them regularly and discuss the health ,ethical and legal risks so they understand what's at stake.Be clear about your expectations as a parent .

Advocate :Talk about healthy fitness alternatives through a balanced diet and proper training .Inspire them to be their best and always be encouraging .

Communicate :Reassure your teen through love and support , no matter how they are performing .Insist that your children's coaches 
talk to them regularly about APEDs.Ask them when was the last time an adult at school talked to them about steroids -don't rely on assurances from teachers that the subject is being covered .

If you suspect your child is using ,intervene with them ,expose the truth and get a physician involved .Don't ever stop communicating openly with them and letting them know the risks they are taking .

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is widely acknowledged as the national leader in education on the topic of APED use by youth in the U.S.;Canada and Latin America .With the help of our partnerships with professional sports organizations ,Little League Baseball and other key associations ,the facts around APEDs have been getting out to school administrators and coaches ,federal and state legislatures ,national media and ,most importantly ,kids at risk .Educating young people about the dangers of these drugs is a mission we all need to promote through every available avenue.

Donald M.Hooton serves as President of the Taylor Hooton Foundation .Recognized as the leading national spokesman on the issues of APEDs our nation's youth face ,he has spoken to hundreds of thousands and has appeared as an expert witness before Congress on three occasions .For his work in the field ,Don was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America by the institute for  International Sports .He was also recently selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award by the United States Academy .

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