आप सबके लिए “आपका ब्लॉग” तैयार है। यहाँ आप अपनी किसी भी विधा की कृति (जैसे- अकविता, संस्मरण, मुक्तक, छन्दबद्धरचना, गीत, ग़ज़ल, शालीनचित्र, यात्रासंस्मरण आदि प्रकाशित कर सकते हैं।

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Red wine, berries and herbs could halt diabetes


Red wine, berries and herbs could halt diabetes

यहाँ भी अति भली नहीं सिद्ध होगी। भले कुछ ऐसे खाद्य पदार्थ और पेय हैं जिन्हें अब तक सेहत के लिए उतना मुफीद नहीं माना गया था जो इन्सुलिन रेजिस्टेंस कम करते हैं। ज्ञात हो मधुमेह के ज्ञात मरीज़ों में इन्सुलिन रेजिस्टेंस बढ़ा हुआ रहता है। कुछ गहरे लाल और नीले रंग के फल ऐसे तत्व लिए रहते हैं जो इन्सुलिन रेजिस्टेंस घटाते हैं। इनमें रेड वाइन भी शामिल दिखी है चॉकलेट भी ,ब्लू बेरीज भी (जामुन ,फालसा आदि भी ).

यहाँ आप चाहे तो यह निष्कर्ष निकाल सकते हैं कि उक्त खाद्यों /पेयों का सेवन मधुमेह से बचाव का रास्ता है लेकिन ऐसा निष्कर्ष निकालना जल्द बाज़ी ही होगी। अभी और अध्ययनों  से इस तथ्य की पुष्टि तो हो ले। 

समझा जाता है और रिसर्च ने भी इंगित किया है यह कमाल फिलेवेनोइड्स (flavanoids )और खासकर ऐंथोसायनिंस (anthocyanins)जैसे तत्वों का है जो इन खादयों और पेयों में अपना वज़ूद बनाये रहते हैं। लेकिन यहाँ भी इनका कितना सेवन किया जाए। इस बारे में अभी कुछ निश्चय पूर्वक कहना सम्भव नहीं है। इनकी अति केलोरी झोंकेगी सिस्टम में जिसके नुक्सानात ज्यादा होंगे फायदे के बरक्स अत : सावधान। 

मॉडरेशन इज़ दा  की। 


Researchers have narrowed down a shortlist of foods they believe are crucial for helping the body ward off diabetes – and the good news is that red wine is included.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia and King's College London found that foods high in flavanoids and anthocyanins increase our insulin resistance and help regulate blood glucose.

Flavanoids are antioxidants found in various plant foods, such as parsley, thyme and celery, as well as dark chocolate and tea. They've been found to help protect against heart disease and some cancers, but now it appears they help with diabetes too.
However, it was anthocyanins, which are found in red and blue-coloured fruits and vegetables and red wine, which the researchers believed were the best weapon.
They studied almost 2000 healthy women who had completed questionnaires that highlighted their total flavanoid intake.
Blood samples were also taken and tested for glucose regulation and insulin resistance.

"This is one of the first large-scale human studies to look at how these powerful bioactive compounds might reduce the risk of diabetes," lead author Professor Aedin Cassidy from UEA said in a media release.
"Laboratory studies have shown these types of foods might modulate blood glucose regulation. But until now little has been known about how habitual intakes might affect insulin resistance, blood glucose regulation and inflammation in humans."
Professor Cassidy said it immediately became clear that those who consumed lots of anthocyanins and flavones had lower insulin resistance.
"High insulin resistance is associated with Type 2 diabetes, so what we are seeing is that people who eat foods rich in these two compounds, such as berries, herbs, red grapes, wine, are less likely to develop the disease," she said.
"We also found that those who ate the most anthocyanins were least likely to suffer chronic inflammation, which is associated with many of today's most pressing health concerns including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. And those who consumed the most flavone compounds had improved levels of a protein adiponectin, which helps regulate a number of metabolic processes including glucose levels."
Professor Cassidy said the next step was to find out how much we need to consume.
"What we don't yet know is exactly how much of these compounds are necessary to potentially reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes," she said.
King's College's Professor Tim Spector, who was involved in the study, said further studies are needed to confirm the findings.
"This is an exciting finding that shows that some components of foods that we consider unhealthy like chocolate or wine may contain some beneficial substances," he said.
"There are many reasons including genetics why people prefer certain foods so we should be cautious until we test them properly in randomised trials and in people developing early diabetes."
Diabetes UK said the best thing people can do to reduce their risk of diabetes is maintain a healthy diet with a range of fruit and vegetables.

"But for red wine and chocolate, which also contain them, our advice is to limit your consumption of these and this advice would be very unlikely to change even if further research did demonstrate that flavonoids reduce Type 2 diabetes risk," Dr Alasdair Rankin, director of research for Diabetes UK told the Daily Mail.
"This is because any health benefit from the flavonoids would be dramatically outweighed by the calories in the chocolate and the alcohol in the wine."
The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Source: Daily Mail Author: Kimberly Gillan Approving editor: Rory Kinsella

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